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Pietro Café Racer Jiřího G


Too many people don’t understand the real reason why we bike!

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" People who know me know that I get distracted very easily; pretty much by anything and everything. There’s loads of cold cups of tea, and put down pencils, and 5mm Allen keys all over my house. I find that’s difficult when I’m trying to do stuff, but when I’m on the bike, my mind is kind of racing along. I don’t care what it does. That’s one of the things I love: all the time, you’re still riding a bike. All the pain or discomfort, or whatever it is when you’re pushing on a bike and doing long distances, fades into the background and your mind races along and does whatever it wants to do. In the World Cycle Race, I kind of got to the end of all the things I was going to think about… "

- Adventure cyclist Mike Hall from a profile in RoadCyclingUK (via cadenced)


positive thinking

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Dean’s Mash SSCX. (by Fame & Spear.)

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